Peekaboo Pet Services

The Fairy Dogmother - Every dog Owner Needs One

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Why should you choose us?


We are your first choice for all your dog walking and pet care needs in Dover, Deal and the surrounding areas.

As your local “Fairy Dogmothers” we can make all your pets wishes come true!

As dog & cat owners we understand how all pet owners would love to spend all their time
with their beloved pets but are unable to do so due to work, holidays and other commitments.
Therefore we offer a bespoke service tailored specifically to you and your pets' needs.

If you need help, advice or assistance on any level then that is what we are here for - daily care,
weekly care, long term care, training, sleepovers, rehab, taxi service - the list is endless so give
us a call and let us help you on whatever your pet requirements are.

We deal with dogs, cats, birds, fish, chickens, bunnies, hamsters, reptiles - the lot.

We understand how important your pets are to you so we strive to achieve the same standard
we would expect from someone looking after our pets.

Just give us a call and we will help you....

…because we are YOUR Fairy Dogmothers and that’s what we do!


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