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Peekaboo is your first choice for all your pet care needs. As your local “Fairy Dog Mother” we can make all your pets wishes come true! As dog, cat and fish owners we understand how all pet owners would love to spend all their time with their beloved pets but are unable to do so due to work, holidays and other commitments. Therefore we offer a bespoke service tailored specifically to you and your pets’ needs. We understand how important your pets are to you so we strive to achieve the same standard that we would expect from someone looking after our pets. Currently, we have three dogs, two cats, and two large tropical fish tanks. The dogs/cats are all rescues and the number is subject to increase!!! We just can’t help ourselves!

We are based in Dover and cover a large area. However, the exact distance covered depends on the service required, which is explained on the Services Offered tab. We offer a large range of services from dog walking to visiting your pet in your home, dog training/behaviour correction to canine holistic health (aromatherapy, massage, food analysis, healing, etc), doggy day-care to pet taxi and Pet Photography….the list is endless! If you need help, advice, or assistance on any level then that is what we are here for. Just give us a call and we will help you…. …because we are YOUR Fairy Dog mothers and that’s what we do.

Just give us a call and we will help you…. …because we are YOUR Fairy Dog mothers and that’s what we do.


(Boring But) Important Legal Stuff


All dogs that are transported will be secured into the vehicle (according to rule 57 of the highway code) It isn’t well known but it is illegal to drive with a dog that is not secured in the car either with a harness, a crate, or a dog guard. Whilst many Dog walkers / Pet sitters only have public liability insurance, we are ALSO fully covered for care, custody, and control, collection/delivery, loss of keys, lock replacement and to transport animals in our vehicles as a business rather than standard personal car insurance.

We are CRB checked and qualified in animal first aid as well. All first aid/crb documents, insurance, and all references are available for you to look at when we attend a consultation and also at any point afterwards if you would like to see them.

Peekaboo Pet Services
Dog Walking Services
Dog Walking Services
Peekaboo Pet Services

A Word From The Owner

I started life as a computer programmer when all I really wanted to do was work with dogs & cats! Once I got to the top off the ‘office tree’ I realised I wasn’t happy and so bit the bullet and had a career change to work in a dog groomers. I was good with big aggressive dogs at the groomers. I also had a friend who did a bit of dog walking, who gave me the larger dogs to walk and it just went from there! I then built the business up from there over the past few years….it just happened without me trying! I noticed there was a lack of professional walkers that had full insurance and properly understood how dogs worked (dog psychology) or were able to deal with any situations that would arise when out walking their charges. Although there are lots of dog walkers many don’t seem to have the experience for pack-walking, the ability to train/understand animals, enough experience to handle difficult situations or enough understanding of the law concerning animals. When I thought about someone else walking my dog, I would only let someone walk her that I had complete confidence in, who could display that they knew exactly what they were doing and could handle dogs in a natural and sympathetic way. I have always had an ability to train dogs and to help them overcome their fears, in fact, I feel more in tune with dogs than I do with people! Now I do what I love every day and it means that I spend all day with my own dogs.

Please indulge me whilst I tell you a little about them, as I do like to tell everyone about my animals! They are all rescues.

The 1st (Doberman/Lurcher) was un-socialised with dogs and people so reacted badly to them out of fear. She is now the most obedient, lovely dog in the world even though she has gone deaf in her senior years!

The 2nd (mainly labrador) was very disobedient/destructive and not house trained. He went from that to showing none of those behaviours within a couple of weeks.

The 3rd (very VERY high energy Doberman) had no recall what so ever and would escape as soon as she had the chance and wouldn’t return for hours! She had very limited obedience and a very short concentration span, so if you got her to do something she would forget about what she was meant to be doing and whizz off somewhere! I love that through my business, I can make a difference in both animals’ and people’s lives, that all the animals we work with are really pleased to see us. It gives me great satisfaction that I can turn a dog that is a real chore to their owner (pulling on the lead, disobedient or fearful) to be a happy, obedient dog. It’s a marvellous feeling being able to pack-walk with all the dogs walking to heel, focusing on our walk. Sometimes, when I let them run off-lead they play and they have me in fits of giggles! Then there is the training which is amazing. Walking I have 4-6 dogs at a time and I get them all to sit/lie down and wait whilst I walk away and then when I’m ready, I call them and they come hurtling towards me! They love it and it’s so good for them mentally.

The holistic side of the business came from wanting to use natural ways to keep my animals healthy. I did a Canine Health and Nutrition course which opened my eyes to what awful things go into a lot of processed dog foods. The Holistic Health course came from wanting to use aromatherapy, massage, herbs and other natural l ways to overcome infections, flea protection, tick removal, stress etc with my own pets. I know it’s not a lot of peoples cup of tea (herbal of course!!) and I use to be a bit sceptic with things like aromatherapy, crystal healing, herbs etc, so I wanted to try them on my animals to prove they worked before I started to encompass it all into my business. They did work so I am confident using my knowledge for other peoples dogs. I just love my job, I love my clients and I love their animals!