Francesca (Peekaboo Pet Services) has given invaluable service to me and to my dogs.  She is both knowledgeable and committed and puts the well-being off the dogs first.

My present dog, a “rescue” aged 12 was very overweight and in poor condition when I got her and needed more exercise than I could give her.  She was very re-active to other dogs but with regular walking with Francesca is now fine, both off and on the lead.  She was a very nervous dog but by following Francesca’s ideas she is now happy to meet and greet everyone.  When she hears Francesca’s car draw up she is immediately excited and happy.

As well as having her own ideas, Francesca will take on board any particular wishes of the owner.  When my previous dog had to be put to sleep Francesca made all the arrangements with my vet and then took us both to there and stayed with me afterwards.  

I once had to go into hospital as an emergency and Francesca stayed at my house, looking after Brandy.  I have found her to be absolutely trustworthy and knowing that she is fully insured gives me added peace of mind.

I have no hesitation in recommending Peekaboo to anyone who needs caring, reliable help.